Asher’s Supper Club – Vegan food from around the world!

Today we find out more about Asher’s Supper Club. If his Vegan themed supper club inspires you, find out more by following Asher on Instagram.


Tell us a bit about yourself! I'm a born and bred south Londoner, residing in Streatham at the moment. I originally dreamed of making it as a basketball player, before studying archaeology at Liverpool university. When I found out it wasn't much like Indiana Jones I indulged my passion for cooking.


What inspired you to become a chef? I started off cooking purely out of necessity and then for pleasure from a fairly young age, being inspired by TV chefs such as Keith Floyd and Rick Stein. It was when I started delving into culinary literature - particularly that of Anthony Bourdain, that the bug really began to bite and I decided to try and build my hobby into a career. 

What makes your Supper Club special? Our Supper Club is special because it provides some of the most delicious vegan food to be had anywhere that is tempting and satisfying for both carnivores and herbivores. There is a new theme for each event which inspires the creative takes on cuisine, cocktails and musical soundtracks. Match that up with a friendly and fun vibe and great value for money and you're sure to have a fantastic evening.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? Very tricky, but if I had to pick just one it would probably be the Murtabak I had with my wife from a street vendor in Singapore.

What’s the best meal you've ever made? The one I'm most proud of is probably cooking for my my friends' wedding - 120 people - canapés, gazpacho with herb oil and almond cream to start then braised ox cheeks with hoseradish and orange gremolata and pickled red onions. (I wasn't always vegan)


Do you have any advice for Supper Club guests? Come with an open mind - don't be afraid to try something new, meet new people and have a good time.

We’re glad you decided to follow Anthony Bourdain rather than Indiana Jones…this Supper Club sounds like one that’s not to be missed!