littlebud Supper Club - Creating social experience through food!

Today we meet Nathan and Michael from littlebud Supper Club – if you’re looking for delicious food and a fun time, follow littlebud on Instagram to find out more.


Tell us a bit about yourselves and your background

Littlebud was founded by Michael Gawthorpe & Nathan Taylor.

Michael has worked in the hospitality sector for 20 years and held management roles at companies such as Fullers, Green King, Fernandez & Wells and Alchemy Coffee and worked as a chef at the Common E2 cafe in Bethnal Green. He will soon be working as a chef for WeinoBIB in Dalston where, hopefully, you will see some littlebud events happening soon.

Nathan spent 10 bored years in the corporate world but has a great passion for beer and food and after leaving the office life behind he has been managing Hop Burns & Black’s new Deptford site specialising in craft beer, natural wine and hot sauce, as well as working as a barista in specialty coffee for Alchemy Coffee.


We met at Alchemy when Nathan was a customer and Michael was the manager. Nathan, was looking for part time work as he was looking to gain experience before leaving his job. We hit it off with a simialr interest and passion for food, beer, wine and coffee. Littlebud was born when we were sat on a hill at Glastonbury, bleary eyed and on a break from making coffee backstage. The name came about because we had both been watching Master of None, the foodie comedy show with Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim, who, in the show, are referred to as little bud and big bud respectively.

What inspired you to cook?

Michael: I always cooked for myself from an early age as my mum worked nights. I always felt quite proud of myself and like I'd achieved something great, even though I'd just microwaved a lasagne :). It grew from there and I had loads of jobs in grim kitchens and bars and kinda just ended up working for a pub that was serving gastro pub food and that opened my eyes to what could be achieved with a tight budget, technique and a small team. When I moved again and worked for Fernandez and Wells (9 years ago) I discovered the importance of sourcing great ingredients and how great cooking can be simple. I also developed my love of natural wine and craft beer here, so the belly is their fault.


Nathan: I grew up in a town dominated at the time by sterile chain restaurants with no personality and joyless food.  I realised that me and my friends would have a much better time by staying in and cooking fresh fun food together.  For me food is a social experience that can bring people together and create memorable experiences! The best thing about the supper clubs has been seeing complete strangers talk to each other and enjoy great food together

What makes your Supper Club special? We just try our best to make delicious food with friendly and fun service. We never want to take ourselves too seriously but we do try and serve the best products whether that be wine, beer or food. We try to offer a variety of dishes and to be good value for money.

Whats the best meal you’ve ever had or made?

Michael: Pretty sure it was at Lyle's in Shoreditch, but I can't remember what exactly what was on the menu so probably my girlfriend's sticky toffee pudding from her grandma's recipe or anything Guy Ripley cooks or the olive oil with sage and apple from oliveology over vanilla ice cream or the pig cheek doughnut from black axe Mangal, or mezze in capadoccia.....I could go on forever, there's not much I don't like.

Nathan: Lyle’s obviously! The pork belly bao at Momofuku Noodle Bar NYC, charcuterie and fresh cheese at Baest Copenhagen and Social Eating House in Soho!  I’m most proud of the food we sent out at the most recent pop up especially the Beef Rendang Bonbons which Mike and Guy absolutely nailed!

Any advice for supperclub guests?

Turn up on time. Enjoy yourselves. Be nice to each other. Be yourself. Dance like no one is watching.  Listen to Tom Waits. Watch Broad City and don't forget to tip ;)

How good does this sound? We can’t wait for a seat at your table littlbud Supper Club!