Feeding the Rest - Bringing Middle Eastern flavours and hospitality to York!

Today we meet Megan Ponting, the chef and host of Feeding the Rest Supper Club in York. If after reading this article, you want to find out more about Megan’s Supper Club, follow her on Instagram!



Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
My name is Megan Ponting (nee Barzaq) and I’ve been cooking professionally since 2015. I studied engineering at uni and hated it and my 3 year journey after my degree led me to the kitchen and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been hosting supper clubs for 6 months and I love it!


What inspired you to cook?
My life has been an inspiration to cook. I know it sounds cliché but my entire family are amazing cooks. My maternal grandfather and uncle cooked professionally and my mum learned how to cook Middle Eastern food when she married my dad. She is so good at it that we ALWAYS hosted my dad’s family for Eid and big Ramadan dinners. I always wanted to be able to cook like my mum.


What makes your Supper Club special?
I don’t try anything too fancy with my food. I like cooking the food that I am passionate about and I want my guests to feel like they are at a large family table, swapping stories and having a great time. I always give a story behind each course and never just stay in the kitchen. I think interacting with my guests is one of the biggest rewards for me.

What's the best meal you've ever had/eaten?
The best meal I’ve ever had was when my close friends and I went to a rustic restaurant in the hills of the Algarve and had a simple dinner of pork ribs, chips and salad. The food was simple and superb and we stayed for a long time just chatting and catching up. The best meal I’ve ever made (I’m told) was my first Easter with my now husband. I made a Middle Eastern leg of lamb with spiced nutty rice and plenty of sides. We had invited our friends to join us and it was a lovely afternoon chatting, eating and entertaining their little one. 

Any advice for Supper Club guests?
The best piece of advice I can give is that no two supper club hosts are the same. If you’ve been to a supper club before, don’t assume that a new host, even if they are using the same venue, will have the same style of presentation or running. Supper clubs are wonderful ways to experience something different and I honestly think they are great for special occasion dining.


We think the atmosphere around Megan’s Supper Club table sound lovely and her Middle Eastern dishes are making us want to hop on a train to York ASAP!