Peckish Supper Club - Bringing global flavours to London!

Today we meet Gemma and Georgia, the lovely ladies behind Peckish Supper Club. If after reading this article, you want to find out more about them, follow them on Instagram!  


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
Peckish is run by two South London based friends, Gemma and Georgia. We both have made career changes in the last couple of years, from PR and advertising, and undertaken training at Leiths cookery school in London. We both currently work as freelance caterers and private chefs, so we were excited to have a food project we could work on together. 

What inspired you to cook?
We have both always loved cooking a wide variety of dishes and cuisines for friends & family and entertaining, in fact we both liked cooking so much we changed careers to do it more! 


What makes your Supper Club special?
Our supper clubs are intended to be fun and relaxed, with different themes each time in keeping with what sort of food we like to eat at different times of year. We served hearty and rustic Italian food at the first Peckish in winter, focussed on the bright colours and flavours of Mexico for spring and our planning our summer events. They are held in a private venue with a maximum of 20 guests which creates the convivial dinner party atmosphere we are aiming for, with delicious food at an affordable price. 


What's the best meal you've ever had/eaten?
We are pretty proud of the malfatti we served at our first supper club - guests loved trying something they mostly hadn't had before, and these lighter cousins of gnocchi are really delicious - especially when served with lashings of brown butter, sage and pecorino.

Any advice for Supper Club guests?
Bring a bottle and your appetite! 

It sounds like each of their Supper Clubs is really different…so you can keep going back for more! Thanks for sharing your passion for food with us Gemma and Georgia!