ZuzaZakCooks Supper Club - A polish and floral delight!

Today we meet Zuza Zak, the chef and host of her own supperclub in a London flower shop. If after reading this article, you want to find out more about her and the delicious food she has on offer, follow her on Instagram!


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
I call myself Zuza Zak but I was born Zuzanna Zakrzewska in Warsaw, Poland. It was communist times then, but even though there wasn't much in the shops in those days, a lot of my childhood was focussed around food and family celebrations. I spent much of my time with my beloved grandmothers, who taught me how to cook and who my cookbook: Polska: New Polish Cooking is dedicated to. 

What inspired you to cook?
My grandmothers were the ones who inspired me when I was very young...all my best memories of them are to do with food. Then when we came to the UK I didn't see my extended family for 7 years and cooking was a way of reconnecting to my homeland, although in those days it was my mum who cooked mainly. 

What makes your Supper Club special?
My supper club is the only vegetarian, Polish supper club in London (as far as I know). I'm not actually vegetarian, but I prefer to cook veggie food and it also helps me promote a different side of Polish cuisine. What makes it extra special is the magical, flower-filled setting.

What's the best meal you've ever had/eaten?
I love making interesting pierogi at home - the kind you won't find anywhere else, like chocolate, poppyseed and almond (like Makowiec) or, at my last supper club - rhubarb. This was the first time I'd braved making pierogi for my supper club, I was worried because there are logistical issues with transporting so many pierogi, but they turned out wonderfully and everyone loved them. In fact, they all had seconds!

Any advice for Supper Club guests?
Please bring your own wine or beer, although there is always a welcome cocktail (and sometimes even a goodbye cocktail too)!

What an original concept for a Supper Club! We can’t wait to experience this floral world and amazing flavours you’ve just told us about Zuza!