Curry Leaf - Sri Lankan Supperclub

We’re excited to introduce you to Mali, a passionate Sri Lankan supperclub host whose supperclubs are full of life. Read more of her story and inspiration below and if you want to follow her journey and her story, here’s the link to her Instagram.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background. 


I am Mali and I’m a self-taught chef. I moved to London 14 years ago from Sri Lanka to study. During my PhD I started developing a passion for cooking and blogging my culinary journey on Instagram. The positive feedback kept coming in and this inspired me to set about launching my very own Sri Lankan supper club.

As a result in 2018 Curry Leaf supper club was born. I’ve focused on creating traditional Sri Lankan dishes and given them a modern/fine dining twist. So it’s not only the food my guests have come to enjoy, but the wholesome dining experience is surely one to be remembered.

 What inspired you to cook?

When I was young living in Sri Lanka I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, and my grandmother was an absolutely amazing cook. I grew up enjoying her home cooked authentic Sri Lankan food. Over the years with practice and an inquisitive mind I have developed a unique style of cooking which brings a modern twist to traditional Sri Lankan food. I absolutely enjoy every second I spend cooking for friends and family most importantly my husband and 2 year old son. 

What makes your Supper Club special?


I feel like Sri Lankan food is just starting to gain mainstream exposure in the UK. So with my supper club I wanted to recreate my fun childhood memories of the fantastic food I experienced but with a more modern fine dining flare. Thanks to “Curry Leaf” my guests get to experience many new dishes and absolutely fall in love with them.

For my supper clubs I make my own spice blends using unique Sri Lankan spices which allows me to create a very authentic balance of flavours with a few modern twists and turns. 

Hosting my supper clubs at home adds to the intimate and welcoming atmosphere. This allows me to interact with the guests for a very unique and special dining experience. 

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had/made? 

I have made so many different type of dishes not just Sri Lankan also I have gone to a lot of restaurants all over the world serving a variety of cuisines. But nothing beats my grandmother’s lamb curry! It is mind-blowing, nothing comes close to it.

Any advice for supper club guests?

Make sure you come hungry with your favourite tipple! Curry Leaf provides a great opportunity to meet new people from different walks of life who all share a common interest for great food and epic dining experiences.

Year of the Pig - Chinese new year suppercLubs

One of the best things about supper clubs is the feeling of travelling without the costs and hassle that come with booking flights, finding hotels why not "travel" to China for this Chinese New Year and learn some things about Chinese New Year like:

Chinese New Year is accompanied by the start of a new animal sign from the zodiac every year. This year will be year of the Pig. You can find out more about Year of the Pig here:  

Happy year of the pig. Image: @fujibakery

Happy year of the pig. Image: @fujibakery

As the festival is focused on bringing luck and fighting off evil, showering and throwing away garbage isn't allowed for the first 5 days as  you  might be getting rid of your luck!

There are 7 lucky foods to eat during the Chinese New Year: fish (for prosperity), dumplings and spring rolls (for wealth), Sweet rice balls ( also known as "Tangyuan"  for family), Good Fortune Fruit (for fulness and wealth), Glutinous Rice Cakes (also known as "Niangao" for higher income or promotion), Noodles (for happiness and longevity)

Good furtune 🐽

Good furtune 🐽

It's not only celebrated in China but also other countries like  Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore. This means about 1/6th of the world's population celebrates Chinese New Year...

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