The Plant Powered Supperclub

We are excited to introduce you to Emma (@the_littleginger) and Danielle (@ripeandnine) - the dynamic duo behind the plant powered supper club in Surrey. Their backgrounds are quite different, which makes them the perfect pair to bring you vegan food, but not quite as you’d know or expect it. If a vibrant, innovative supper club - (powered by plants!) peaks your interest, follow them on instagram here and here - and don’t forget to sign up their next event on the 21st of June at the Museum of Futures in Surbiton!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background. 

Emma: After quitting teaching in 2016 to go full circle back to my catering roots, Little Ginger was born, a Plant based street food popup at Kingston Market. I started out doing Fridays & weekends before scoring a permanent unit on the market in April 2018. We are open 7 days a week serving the growing LG family! 

Danielle: On long holiday to Australia in January 2015 and a lot of time spent in coffee shops I discovered raw cake. Nutritious colourful masterpieces free from refined sugar that tasted unbelievably delicious! With little experience in the kitchen I set to work creating my own as soon as I was home and once I began posting my sweet treats via social media, the requests came rolling in. Ripe + Nine was eventually born in 2016 and I now work out of a commercial kitchen unit in Epsom. 

What inspired you to cook? 

Emma: A love of food & feeding people! I used to watch my Mum create crazy concoctions with no rules or recipes, using seasonal locally grown ingredients, feeding whoever happened to visit & the enjoyment both she & they got really inspired me. Every meal was an experiment but I learnt my love of big flavour from her. Becoming veggie & then later vegan encouraged my plant powered journey. 

Danielle: I wish I could be one of those people who say they cooked from a young age with their families (see Emma) but the reality is that I grew up on oven chips and diet coke. I’d always been pretty useless in the kitchen until I discovered raw desserts and the success I found with making those has led to a love for crating any type of dish. Aside from Ripe + Nine I even run my own catering business now!

Fab cocktail at the last supperclub

Fab cocktail at the last supperclub

What makes your Supperclub special ? 

Emma: The Plant Powered Supperclubs are special because they are total collaboration between Little Ginger & Ripe and Nine-we both bring our own take on things but together it makes something special. We both love making people feel special & want the night & the food to be memorable. 

Danielle: Firstly it’s in Surrey! London is abundant with foodie events so it’s refreshing for us both to be making it happen right on our home turf in leafy Surrey. The fact that it’s a collaboration off two talents makes it even more special. I knew when I wanted to put on a supper club that it would be great to team up with someone and although we had only met a few times Emma seemed the obvious choice! Now I can’t seem to remember a time where we didn’t chat every day!

Whats the best meal you’ve ever had/made? 

Emma: Such a hard one! I love meals for the experience & the people I’ve shared them with so it might be a simple picnic on a beach or a slap up fancy night out! Best meal I’ve ever made - always the next one 

Danielle: Such a tough one! I’m going to have to blow my own trumpet and say it’s always food I make myself. Being a self taught and experimental cook I love creating new things and surprise myself weekly with how well things turn out. 

Any advice for supper club guests?

Emma: Come hungry!

Danielle: It’s vegan food… but not as you know it :)

Emma and Danielle with guests at one of their supper clubs

Emma and Danielle with guests at one of their supper clubs

What a wonderful collaboration - showing us the power, innovation and inspiration behind a plant powers supperclub. Not to mention how two chefs can take such different journeys but together create a fun and refreshing supperlcub by bringing their talents to the table!