Meet the Kinoys - A New Zealand/Phillipines culinary adventure!

In this blog, we meet the Kinoys, the fabulous two behind the Lets Kain supperclub. To find out more about what they have in store for you, follow @letskain on Instagram.


Tell us a bit more about yourselves…We are the “Kinoys” which stands for Kiwi and Pinoy, slang from where we are originally from, New Zealand and the Philippines. We are originally husband bloggers (@kinoyblog), self confessed food critics turned home cooks- hostess with the mostess via our supperclub which started in 2017. 

Kain (Kah-in) is again a play on words. “Kai” is a maori word and “Kain” is a Filipino word, both mean eat or to eat. So when we say let’s kain we mean let’s eat! 

What inspires you to cook? Meeting the guests and seeing them enjoy the food we prepared. Our goal is to educate people about our food. We serve dishes inspired from our home countries- The Philippines and New Zealand.


What makes your supper club special? Besides being generous with our servings! It’s the personal stories we share behind every dishes. From the origins of each dishes to why it’s our favourite. Oh and I think we are funny & entertaining too!

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had or made? It’s our 6th Kain event. We did a sold out “traditional” Filipino dinner called Kamayan for 40 people, where our guests ate using their hands on a banana leaf (no cutleries & plates!). We served grilled meats, seafood & ended it with a gin tasting session! (Filipino too!) 


Do you have any advice for supper club guests? Be adventurous, eat new things and be open to trying. Are you curious now? We have an event coming, join us on 02.03.19!

What a wonderful blend of cultures and the idea of generous feeders! We can’t wait to see what they cook up next!