Knife, Fork and Spooner - from Masterchef to supperclub chef!

Today we meet Si Spooner, one of our favourites from 2018 Masterchef who hosts delicious and innovative supperclubs in his home in the Midlands. If this interview sparks your interest, follow him on Instagram.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background. 
I’m a self taught cook who after reaching the Top 10 of Masterchef 2018 launched Knife Fork and Spooner Supper Clubs. They are hosted in our old stone barn (which was formally a cow barn), you are treated to a delicious 4 course meal of local and seasonal ingredients that are sourced from the beautiful countryside that surrounds us.

What inspired you to cook?
I’ve always loved cooking, my Mum taught me to cook from a very young age. I became really passionate about it a few years ago when I quit my job in the city to look after our two children. I love cooking and watching the enjoyment on people’s faces when they eat my food and I’m lucky enough to have made it a full-time job!

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What makes your Supper Club special ?
It’s as much about the food as it is meeting new people and having fun. You get restaurant quality food but in an atmosphere that is more like an informal dinner party. You will get to try lots of things you might not have eaten before as well as enjoy twists on old classics. Our Supper Clubs are BYO so you can choose to keep things very good value or dust off that special bottle that’s been tucked away for a while. I am very lucky that my wife Nicola is in charge of front of house, she is an amazing host and will ensure you have a great time!

Whats the best meal you’ve ever had/made? 
A tricky question, we’ve been lucky enough to eat at some pretty awesome places but the meal that definitely ignited an even greater passion for food was at Vue de Monde in Melbourne. A truly spectacular experience where there was no menu just what they wanted to cook that day. I’ve taken the no menu idea into my Supper Clubs and my guests love the anticipation and trying to work out what the dish is before I tell them!


Any advice for supperclub guests?
Come with an open mind both to new food and new people. You will get to try new ingredients and combinations at my Supper Clubs as well as meet all sorts of people from different generations, different places and walks of life. Come with an open mind to try new things and meet new people and you will have a great time! 

Love the idea of working out what the dish is before you are told! A supperclub and a tasty guessing game in one! Thanks for sharing a part of your story with us Simon and can’t wait to explore your restaurant supperclub soon!

Year of the Pig - Chinese new year suppercLubs

One of the best things about supper clubs is the feeling of travelling without the costs and hassle that come with booking flights, finding hotels why not "travel" to China for this Chinese New Year and learn some things about Chinese New Year like:

Chinese New Year is accompanied by the start of a new animal sign from the zodiac every year. This year will be year of the Pig. You can find out more about Year of the Pig here:  

Happy year of the pig. Image: @fujibakery

Happy year of the pig. Image: @fujibakery

As the festival is focused on bringing luck and fighting off evil, showering and throwing away garbage isn't allowed for the first 5 days as  you  might be getting rid of your luck!

There are 7 lucky foods to eat during the Chinese New Year: fish (for prosperity), dumplings and spring rolls (for wealth), Sweet rice balls ( also known as "Tangyuan"  for family), Good Fortune Fruit (for fulness and wealth), Glutinous Rice Cakes (also known as "Niangao" for higher income or promotion), Noodles (for happiness and longevity)

Good furtune 🐽

Good furtune 🐽

It's not only celebrated in China but also other countries like  Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore. This means about 1/6th of the world's population celebrates Chinese New Year...

…so if this gives you FOMO then check out  these Chinese New Year supper clubs in the UK and follow us on insta for more uksupperclub inspiration :

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