Chulha Indian Kitchen - A love affair with South Indian cuisine

We’re really excited to introduce you to Pinaki who will be popping up her Indian supperclubs this summer (the first will be at Darleeling Express!) showcasing a real authentic Indian experience from Bombay street food classics to South Indian delicacies. If this has tickled your tastebuds, you can buy tickets here and you can follow them on Instagram to keep an eye out for more events!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I’m Pinaki or ‘Ms. P’ to my friends! I am a globe-trotting doctor by training and spent years studying and eating soul-satisfying street food from every corner of Bombay. A decade and a love story later, I married into a Tamil family where food was central to life and much to my delight, traditional cooking cooled the hottest South Indian days. Two babies later, I found herself drawn more and more into my London kitchen to whip up that holy grail of authentic but easy and healthy (of course!) food from both my homes in India. The more I feeds people, the better I feel!


What inspired you to cook?

I remember spending loads of time with my mum in the kitchen and she is the one who would cook up a storm in no time! She truly inspired me from a very young age! And after my marriage into a South Indian family I was curious about their cuisine and learnt a lot from old grannies and mum in law!

What makes your supperclub special?

My supper club is bursting with new ideas and stories - not your typical Indian meal or a regular take away  with oily and rich curries. It’s a journey from Bombay street food classics to South Indian delicacies ! Curries that are full of flavours that have never been offered before! 


What’s the best meal you’ve ever had/made?

My best meals would surely include a South Indian style chicken biryani.. or a street food classic like a chaat!! Tangy and totally irresistible !!

Any advice for supperclub guests?

Advice is simple - come prepared to dig in with your hands ... get messy !! Come with an open mind about Indian food.. it can be different .. South Indian cuisine uses a variety of spices that are not used in a regular Indian kitchen ! Be ready to be surprised!!

We love that your menu and your ethos is centred around family and recipes you have loved from South India! Thanks for sharing your story with us - we can’t wait to get messy and enjoy your food soon!

Kara's Vegan Supper Club

This week we meet Kara, founder of Kara’s Vegan Supper Club. If you like what you see then follow Kara on Instagram to find out more about her supper clubs.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

Hi, my name is Kara and I am the founder of Kara’s vegan supper club. I have been a chef for 3 years now and love learning and being inspired by my husband who taught me everything I love about cooking. My background is waitressing and hosting for 20 years. I was lost for many years and didn’t know what to do. Till one day I started in the prep kitchen in my last job at a urban cafe and never looked back. I have been running my own vegan supper clubs for 2 half years now and its growing stronger each month.  

What inspired you to cook?

 Learning , watching and cooking with  my husband. I couldn’t think of anything else i would rather do than cook.

What makes your Supper Club special ?

The atmosphere,  I like to make my customers feel welcome and relaxed. I make an effort to go out and speak to every single person who sits and dines at the supper club. 


Whats the best meal you’ve ever had/made?

My husband makes the best vegan "scallops"

(He owns his own pop up  proportion - check out his page proportion chef)

Any advice for supperclub guests?

Wear loose clothing as i love to feed you till your in a food coma!

Sounds delicious Kara! We love your passion and how loved up you are! Can’t wait for a seat at your table!