Chulha Indian Kitchen - A love affair with South Indian cuisine

We’re really excited to introduce you to Pinaki who will be popping up her Indian supperclubs this summer (the first will be at Darleeling Express!) showcasing a real authentic Indian experience from Bombay street food classics to South Indian delicacies. If this has tickled your tastebuds, you can buy tickets here and you can follow them on Instagram to keep an eye out for more events!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I’m Pinaki or ‘Ms. P’ to my friends! I am a globe-trotting doctor by training and spent years studying and eating soul-satisfying street food from every corner of Bombay. A decade and a love story later, I married into a Tamil family where food was central to life and much to my delight, traditional cooking cooled the hottest South Indian days. Two babies later, I found herself drawn more and more into my London kitchen to whip up that holy grail of authentic but easy and healthy (of course!) food from both my homes in India. The more I feeds people, the better I feel!


What inspired you to cook?

I remember spending loads of time with my mum in the kitchen and she is the one who would cook up a storm in no time! She truly inspired me from a very young age! And after my marriage into a South Indian family I was curious about their cuisine and learnt a lot from old grannies and mum in law!

What makes your supperclub special?

My supper club is bursting with new ideas and stories - not your typical Indian meal or a regular take away  with oily and rich curries. It’s a journey from Bombay street food classics to South Indian delicacies ! Curries that are full of flavours that have never been offered before! 


What’s the best meal you’ve ever had/made?

My best meals would surely include a South Indian style chicken biryani.. or a street food classic like a chaat!! Tangy and totally irresistible !!

Any advice for supperclub guests?

Advice is simple - come prepared to dig in with your hands ... get messy !! Come with an open mind about Indian food.. it can be different .. South Indian cuisine uses a variety of spices that are not used in a regular Indian kitchen ! Be ready to be surprised!!

We love that your menu and your ethos is centred around family and recipes you have loved from South India! Thanks for sharing your story with us - we can’t wait to get messy and enjoy your food soon!

Peckish Supper Club - Bringing global flavours to London!

Today we meet Gemma and Georgia, the lovely ladies behind Peckish Supper Club. If after reading this article, you want to find out more about them, follow them on Instagram!  


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
Peckish is run by two South London based friends, Gemma and Georgia. We both have made career changes in the last couple of years, from PR and advertising, and undertaken training at Leiths cookery school in London. We both currently work as freelance caterers and private chefs, so we were excited to have a food project we could work on together. 

What inspired you to cook?
We have both always loved cooking a wide variety of dishes and cuisines for friends & family and entertaining, in fact we both liked cooking so much we changed careers to do it more! 


What makes your Supper Club special?
Our supper clubs are intended to be fun and relaxed, with different themes each time in keeping with what sort of food we like to eat at different times of year. We served hearty and rustic Italian food at the first Peckish in winter, focussed on the bright colours and flavours of Mexico for spring and our planning our summer events. They are held in a private venue with a maximum of 20 guests which creates the convivial dinner party atmosphere we are aiming for, with delicious food at an affordable price. 


What's the best meal you've ever had/eaten?
We are pretty proud of the malfatti we served at our first supper club - guests loved trying something they mostly hadn't had before, and these lighter cousins of gnocchi are really delicious - especially when served with lashings of brown butter, sage and pecorino.

Any advice for Supper Club guests?
Bring a bottle and your appetite! 

It sounds like each of their Supper Clubs is really different…so you can keep going back for more! Thanks for sharing your passion for food with us Gemma and Georgia!

Malaysian Supper Club - An abundance of food and friendliness!

Today we meet Syrin & Azam from Malaysian Supper Club. If reading this makes your stomach grumble, you can find out more by following them on Instagram.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.  We are Syirin & Azam. Malaysian born but have spent most of our lives in the UK. Very much still in touch with our Malaysian, particularly Malay Minang roots which you will experience through our style of cooking.

What inspired you to cook? Syirin - My grandma / Azam - my mom.

What makes your Supper Club special? We are known as the ‘friendliest’ & most generous supper clubs. We don’t believe in tasting sized menus, instead we want guests to experience authentic eating, the same way as we do it in Malaysia - lots and lots of food for each course!

 Whats the best meal you’ve ever had/made? Syirin - Chicken Rendang / Azam - Beef Rendang

Any advice for Supper Club guests? Just enjoy yourself even if you come on your own! You’ll meet other like-minded people and please come with an empty belly! from from

Looks like a great place to eat some authentic food and leave filling full! We can’t wait to try it!


Meet the Kinoys - A New Zealand/Phillipines culinary adventure!

In this blog, we meet the Kinoys, the fabulous two behind the Lets Kain supperclub. To find out more about what they have in store for you, follow @letskain on Instagram.


Tell us a bit more about yourselves…We are the “Kinoys” which stands for Kiwi and Pinoy, slang from where we are originally from, New Zealand and the Philippines. We are originally husband bloggers (@kinoyblog), self confessed food critics turned home cooks- hostess with the mostess via our supperclub which started in 2017. 

Kain (Kah-in) is again a play on words. “Kai” is a maori word and “Kain” is a Filipino word, both mean eat or to eat. So when we say let’s kain we mean let’s eat! 

What inspires you to cook? Meeting the guests and seeing them enjoy the food we prepared. Our goal is to educate people about our food. We serve dishes inspired from our home countries- The Philippines and New Zealand.


What makes your supper club special? Besides being generous with our servings! It’s the personal stories we share behind every dishes. From the origins of each dishes to why it’s our favourite. Oh and I think we are funny & entertaining too!

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had or made? It’s our 6th Kain event. We did a sold out “traditional” Filipino dinner called Kamayan for 40 people, where our guests ate using their hands on a banana leaf (no cutleries & plates!). We served grilled meats, seafood & ended it with a gin tasting session! (Filipino too!) 


Do you have any advice for supper club guests? Be adventurous, eat new things and be open to trying. Are you curious now? We have an event coming, join us on 02.03.19!

What a wonderful blend of cultures and the idea of generous feeders! We can’t wait to see what they cook up next!

Year of the Pig - Chinese new year suppercLubs

One of the best things about supper clubs is the feeling of travelling without the costs and hassle that come with booking flights, finding hotels why not "travel" to China for this Chinese New Year and learn some things about Chinese New Year like:

Chinese New Year is accompanied by the start of a new animal sign from the zodiac every year. This year will be year of the Pig. You can find out more about Year of the Pig here:  

Happy year of the pig. Image: @fujibakery

Happy year of the pig. Image: @fujibakery

As the festival is focused on bringing luck and fighting off evil, showering and throwing away garbage isn't allowed for the first 5 days as  you  might be getting rid of your luck!

There are 7 lucky foods to eat during the Chinese New Year: fish (for prosperity), dumplings and spring rolls (for wealth), Sweet rice balls ( also known as "Tangyuan"  for family), Good Fortune Fruit (for fulness and wealth), Glutinous Rice Cakes (also known as "Niangao" for higher income or promotion), Noodles (for happiness and longevity)

Good furtune 🐽

Good furtune 🐽

It's not only celebrated in China but also other countries like  Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore. This means about 1/6th of the world's population celebrates Chinese New Year...

…so if this gives you FOMO then check out  these Chinese New Year supper clubs in the UK and follow us on insta for more uksupperclub inspiration :

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