Thanksgiving - Thank you America!

Celine, our resident American foodie gives us the lowdown on the perfect Thanksgiving supper.

Thanksgiving is an American tradition that dates back to 1621 where Pilgrims shared a mega-feast with Native Americans to celebrate a plentiful harvest. Whilst I may no longer live in the US, I'm very glad that my adopted London home is getting more and more into this delectable holidays. If you're not yet convinced about this tradition from over the pond, here's the top five reasons I think you should care about Thanksgiving no matter where you live:


1. The Turkey

Who doesn't love an excuse for a roast?! Whilst the Pilgrims actually ate fowl and beef for Thanksgiving, if you're looking for what's turned into the modern fare for Thanksgiving then have a look at this simple Thanksgiving turkey recipe. Or if you're into fusion food then give this Middle Eastern turkey recipe a go...or if meat isn't your thing try this delicious recipe for roasted stuffed butternut squash.


2. The Potatoes

The most delicious of side dishes, and so many ways to cook them too! Whilst not the healthiest of options, roasting potatoes in bird fat takes the crispiness scales to another level. For those of you who want to try something more adventurous, these sweet potatoes with marshmallows are bound to tickle your tastebuds!


3. The Side Dishes

There are so many I don't even know where to begin. The great thing about turkey is it goes well with most things. If you're not counting the calories, cornbread or mac and cheese are great American side dishes. If you're looking for something a little more sensible green beans (ok maybe this isn't the most sensible green bean recipe but it's delicious!) or carrot and parsnip salad also hit the spot. And of course you can't have Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce or stuffing (this one is bread based and can be veggie too)! 


4. The Desserts

This is the best part of Thanksgiving and is proof that after all of the above, there is definitely a second stomach for desserts because despite stuffing my face with every possible thing on the table, I always have room for dessert(s). Whilst any sort of pie is a great way to end a Thanksgiving meal, my favourite is pumpkin pie (and if you're based in the UK and struggling to find pumpkin filling, you could make your own...or you can get them delivered straight to your door with a Sainsburys online order or Amazon!). A close second favourite is pecan pie...and if pie is not your thing or you haven't found your second stomach yet, pumpkin cookies are also really delicious!


5. The Company

Thanksgiving is a great excuse to get together with your nearest and dearest and focus on the things that make you happy in life...and if cooking isn't one of those then here are a few places in London where you can get a Thanksgiving meal cooked for you: