The rise of the Supperclub

Across the UK the landscape of dining is changing. UK restaurant numbers are dropping for the first time in eight years due to rising costs and decreased demand. People are drifting away from the chain and looking for varied dining experience.

Cue the supper club…

Dining experiences across the UK are popping up, people are showcasing their talents, their culture or their favourite food in unique settings, from cosy apartments to trendy bars and cafes transformed into restaurants for one of events.

Why are supper clubs becoming increasingly popular? (And why do we love them!)

  1. A once in a lifetime opportunity

Often held as a one off, supper clubs give guests the chance to experience something new - from in the food, atmosphere, venue and much more. Unlike a traditional restaurant where you know what to expect overtime, and if you’re like me with certain restaurants what you’ll order everytime you go there. Its a nice surprise not to know what to expect when you attend a new event.

2. The breakdown of social barriers

Where else is it socially acceptable to speak to a stranger at a different table? At suppserclubs, you are often sat next to someone you don’t know, and this wonderful, shared dining experience gives diverse strangers, of different ages, backgrounds, professions and personalities a great chance to get to know each other. In the age of social media and technology, what a wonderful way to break down barriers and make new connections in a friendly and warm environment, 

3. Value for money

As if the experience alone isn’t invaluable, supper clubs are often priced well, with many offering you the chance to BYOB alongside a welcome drink and several courses included in the price. Kerrching…

4. Championing a good cause

In our experience, supper clubs are often not for profit, or raising much needed funds for a charity or cause making your experience delicious and wholesome at the same time!

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