We hope our site is pretty easy to use, but we wanted to fill you in on some of the key into from our Ts&Cs. We are ABSOLUTELY happy to take feedback and grow this list so drop us a line if you have any comments or suggestions!

  1. To buy tickets to supperclubs, you have to create a profile on our site. This is free - simply enter your details or link your facebook account.

  2. All ticket sales are processed securely through Paypal.

  3. Life happens and sometimes you can’t make an event, in which case please let the host know - ideally with more than 72hrs notice so the host can sell your ticket on. Its up to the host to allow refunds according to their events Ts&Cs so please do let them know as soon as possible. If the fees have already been charged, we may not be able to return these.

  4. If for some reason the host cancels the event, they will refund the cost of the tickets you bought. It’s the host’s responsibility to contact guests if they have to cancel a supperclub.

  5. You can message hosts directly from our site so feel free to contact that way, or during the ticketing with any special requests. You can set your notifications to get an email to you don’t miss any important messages!